How Contractor Calculator can help you earn 85% by paying less tax.

Why would you pay more tax than you legally have to?

 Contractor Calculator

Are you a contractor from the UK or working in the UK?

If you are a contractor or freelancer from the UK or working in the UK and you are searching for a better deal on your tax solution(be it umbrella, limited company or offshore) and you want to increase your income and reduce your tax or even if youre just curious about what the options are then you are definately in the right place.

typical contractors are usually highly skilled and highly paid and work in various industries such as Information Technology, a typical snapshot would be developers, database administrators, quality assurace leads, IT managers /project managers. Medical Industry contractors and Financial contractors.

industries represented: we accept contractors typically from the following industries..

  • Information Technology
  • Financial
  • medical
  • Sports

Who Am I and why you should listen to me.. Listening to me may be the best thing you do this year, because it can dramatically impact how much money you can take home to your family or keep for yourself. I am Brian Colborne, I am a former contractor myself, and used to work in the IT sector in london for the likes of Smithkline beecham and other large companies. So I know what its like looking for contracts, negotiating with clients and agencies and trying to keep everyone happy as well as comply with the increasingly annoying demands of some client/agency combos -I know, and feel your pain! sheesh some of them almost expect you to do a dna test!

So What Have I got to offer? Currently I have teamed up with an old friend and now colleague of mine who asked me to promote his website and business, he is in charge of Steeds client facing department, he knows all there is to know about contractor taxation, the various legalities and loopholes, anyway my buddy Andrew asked me to help him out by designing a website to promote steed, and I guess this is the result (Im sorry Im not a graphic wont find pretty graphics here, just quality information – Im still working on it!!) I dont know if you are familiar with Steed Solutions, but they are a prestigeous and long established contractor tax solution, with a long list of established clients that trust them to provide a much better income,

How does it work? Steed provides a tax burden lowering service, to cut a long story short you should probably get more info from Andrew as hes the real expert if you have advanced questions, all I know is that the solution works All Im offering really is the chance to sign up for the offer of getting a better rate with Steed for the near future, I know Steed is only keeping their rate this low for a short time  

Benefits  of the contractor calculator solution at a glance:

  • Earn/keep a minimum of 85% – after all deductions (unless you join before this offer ends in which case you get 87% min)
  • We take care of all your admin, so theres no paperwork like VAT etc – The sum total of your admin once you join is submitting your timesheet!!
  • We do your tax return for you
  • We dont hold onto your money, we send your money to you the same day (you will have it in your account the same day)
  • no setup or leaving fees

Features of this service:

  • You get an SMS to tell you you’ve been paid
  • We can pay you(deposit) into any bank account in the world
  • We can split payment across multiple bank accounts (say a family member /dependant overseas or local etc)


Here’s my offer to you..

If you join today you will qualify for 87% take home pay instead of the usual 85% (this applies to new joiners only) this solution is powered by Steed Solutions

Deadline: Unfortunately I cannot garuantee that Steed will keep the fees so low for so long. as they are a prestigeous and exclusive solution provider serving an affluent crowd of contractors who appreciate the friendly & quiet efficiency of this reliable and proven tax solution.

Who Is Qualified:

you should be a UK contractor or freelancer earning at least 200 per day


To recieve a no obligation illustration of your maximised earnings on our solution, just leave your details with me below.

Kind Regards Brian

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